PAROLA magazine investigates the contemporary through a different approach, a universal dialogue free of individualism, a contribution of words, images and events that flows from the singular experience into the universal one.

PAROLA presents itself as a dictionary envisioning and paving the way for a new discursive horizon – queer in the sense of “absolute openness”. It aims to deconstruct the identity of its guests by forming a universal dialog made of words, objects, events, and images seeking to reinvent how our contemporaneity is construed. Words serve as its stones and building blocks, as its foundations. Images function as windows, becoming openings to elsewhere. Objects, as in an anti-catalog, suggest inventories and survival tools for a time that runs too fast between pandemics and innovation, between climate crises and hopes made of artificial intelligence, between information overload and ubiquitous ignorance.

Aware of how outdated magazines constructed in an analogous sequence can be, we set out to create a magazine of non -interviews – anti-interviews, as it were – and, perhaps for this reason, very contemporary as well: something that forces you to touch the material forms of writing in this polyphonic dictionary of a new world, without individual signatures, but created from maps traced in common territories.

To stop signing works (and words) is the most avant-garde gesture that one can conceive of in a world bent on eternal, digital, trans-avant-garde narcissism. 
PAROLA was born with the intention of telling the story of a planetary world, because it relates to a non - existent subject consisting of the sum of all possible points of view about the things in the world. A museum of what really matters, starting from dialogue with no room for collateral prejudices: therefore it is from the “museum” that our pages begin.

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