PAROLA magazine is an editorial project that investigates the contemporary through a different approach, a universal dialogue free of individualism, a contribution of words, images and events that flows from the singular experience into the universal one.

Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme and includes interviews and visual content assembled together in a single flow, like a DJ set of images and words mixed by the editorial staff.

Through words of words, chosen for each number, PAROLA tries to give a new contemporary meaning to words coming from a common language, by breaking down and reassembling the interviews and collecting them in a single stream.

Creative Director
Leonardo Caffo

Art Director
Roberto Maria Clemente

Photo Editor & Managing Director
Rica Cerbarano

Production Manager
& Editorial Coordinator

Marina Barbieri

Special Projects, Events and Collaborations
(Germano Centorbi e Susanna Carraro)

Art Advisor
Sara Zambon

Graphic Design

PAROLA is published and supported by RP4ART